Our Secret is our Excellent Quality Assurance Process

One Contact Center performs like another department in your company.

Our services begin with a complete diagnosis of your business processes and metrics. Whether it's inbound or outbound customer service, telemarketing, or other back office support services, we understand your desire for attention to detail to deliver the best service to your customers. Our goal is to ensure a thorough analysis of your needs and to deliver the best customer experience.

Our call center in the Philippines thrives on the philosophy that success is something you have to achieve on a daily basis – it's not a one-time thing; it's a continuous and recurring process. Even after we achieve our client’s goals, we continually focus on improvement because we are an extension of your company.

Operational Excellence

We apply tools and techniques using systematic approaches like process mapping, root cause analysis and brainstorming sessions to identify process gaps resulting in improved processes and streamlined workflows.

Our management team is committed to providing the training and implementation support necessary to effectively use these tools and techniques to improve the quality of processes per account.

OCC’s operational processes and management are designed to ensure metrics and SLA's are met regardless of account and service offering.

OCC's management team provides a set of structured techniques to help our clients achieve their goals while reducing risks. We define, structure, organize, and plan our operational processes for our clients to effectively monitor their Company-Customer relationship as it progresses towards success.

OCC utilizes staffing forecast management to ensure we have the right number of people on the phones or in queue always and every time.

We also employ pro-active call handling metrics and volume management in close coordination with the operations and workforce teams.

Our Staff

We only employ the best and competent talents. We believe our people are the liaison between your company and customer. They are the human element of your brand that makes a lasting impression and contributes to the lifetime value of your customers. We provide them with a competitive salary and a fullfilling culture.

We leverage on Social Media, Job Portals, Partnership, Network, and employee candidate referrals.

The selection process involves various stages including exams and interviews to select candidates best matched to each role based on our client's preferences.

Every employee is required to submit an NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) clearance to certify that they do not have any existing civil or criminal problems. Aside from this our HR department verifies the content of their resume by emailing and calling their past employers as part of the company's assurance of providing the best employee profile.

For campaigns consisting of more than 15 agents and 1 supervisor:

1 Campaign Manager

1 Supervisor for every team of 15 agents

1 Quality Analyst per team

1 Key Logger per team


Training modules (and knowledge bases) are developed based on client specifications and requirements.

Trainers undergo product specific training and certification either by the client or a local certified training manager.

Certifications and learning checks are put in place to ensure knowledge retention and preparation for operations hand-off.

Account specific training includes communications and product/client specific material.

Training duration varies on the complexity of each campaign so as to ensure the quality of new hires approved to operations will be ready.


There are 3 main factors to run a successful campaign. First, agents must have the right skill set. Second, managers must have the experience to run a good campaign. Finally, office infrastructure must be secure and redundant. OCC has all three bases covered!

Our agents usually come from large US servicing call centers. Most of our managers are home grown while the balance is also recruited from big US servicing centers in Manila.

Why are our rates so low? The only differentiating factor between OCC and the rest is our low overhead cost.